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Download Nova Launcher 2018 APK for Android Free

Nova Launcher 2018 APK Latest Download Free for Android
Nova Launcher 2018 APK is the most elegant and highly customizable launcher for latest android mobile phones and tablets. It provides you all customizing features of your home screen, icons and wallets. With full embracing material layout it has been considered most favorite launcher of everyone for modern android devices and smart phones. This beautiful and modern launcher replaces your existing home screen launcher. It lets you to switch icons, animations, layouts and much more. The graphical quality of this Nova Launcher app is excellent. Just slide with your finger to shift desktops displays and decorative transition in all dimensions. 
Nova Launcher 2018 APK is a real gift for the fans of device customizations. It lets you to modify the gesticulations you use on your android pone and tablet. Even you can set up shortcuts to give an elegant look to your android device. You can find the all possibilities to make different home screen of your device to give a striking look to your device home screen. The performance of Nova Launcher is great and it has the vast customization capability as well. The features of this feature-rich launcher are not ended here. Scroll down to read more unique aspects of Nova Launcher free android APK. 
Features of Nova Launcher 2018 APK:
You can explore thousands of icon themes in single app and can pick out a background, preview or even switch the whole icon. 
It is easy to control than other customary launchers; it lets you to snap icons or widgets partial mode through the desktop grid cells. You can also design the rows and columns to fit all your app and widget needs. 
It lets you to make multiple scrollable docks and scroll them to keep all your important apps on dock with up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages. You can keep any widget in your docks. 
You can easily open your favorite page by looping over the screen or your device or drawer constantly. So never be far from your loved page by unlimited scroll. 
The stylish backup system of Nova Launcher lets you to back up your desktop layout and launcher settings. Export your setting and design before a wipe to rapidly get back up system and running. 
You don’t have to reestablish your desktop from scuff; Nova Launcher can import layout form most famous launchers containing the one that came with your smart phone. 
Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do its task rapidly and softly, keeping the simulations smooth and allowing you to use your phone as faster as you can swiping your fingers. 
You can set colors for tags, folders, labels, unread badges, drawer tabs and for backgrounds. 
If you want to catch up and unlock more features of this features rich launcher then you have to purchase its Prime version.  With the prime version of Nova Launcher APK you will able to unlock more features. In Nova Launcher Prime you will enjoy the following special features. 
Features of Nova Launcher Prime:
You can quickly start actions from gestures such as swipe, pinch, double tape or tow finger swiping and more on the home screen to open your most loved apps. 
With its tesla unread plugins you will never miss a message, SMS, Gmail, hangouts, and more.
You can easily make custom drawer groups and categorize your apps by creating new tabs or folders with in the app drawer aspect. 
You can hide the useless apps to keep a clutter free and a clean app drawer. 
It lets you to set custom actions to quick access of apps by swiping on app shortcuts or folders.
So, download the latest APK of Nova Launcher 2018 form below given download link for free. Install it on your android smart phone or tablet and keep changing icons, layouts, animations and more. 


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